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Remote Support

Our Remote Support Service is much more than telephone support. Our smart networking technology allows us to remotely take over control of your PC. It allows us to investigate and resolve problems as though we were sat right in front of your computer.

The objective of RSS is to minimize the disruption and inconvenience, whilst also giving you access to the best technical support from real-world technicians and almost in real-time.

We can be connected to your computer within minutes of logging a support request, and will often have the problem resolved within the hour. No waiting for a call-out engineer and no need (in most cases) to take your PC in to the workshop.

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We offer 3 modes of remote support service:-

Per minute support: you call us for support which is then charged at £1 per minute. No rounding up and hidden charges. So a 20 minute support session will cost you just £20.

Per incident: we charge you £59.99 for the incident no matter how long it takes to diagnose and resolve. Once a resolution or technical fix is reached the incident is closed.

Unlimited: we invoice you £119 (including VAT) per annum and you then get unlimited remote support as and when you need it. This service is not available to multi-PC businesses. Please see our Small Business or SME services pages instead.

Some problems cannot be fixed by remote support. These problem are likely to require either an on-site or workshop engineers time (examples listed below) :-

  • Hardware faults
  • Problems preventing the computer from booting
  • Virus infested computers
  • Unresponsive / crashed computers
  • Problems that have a physical interaction (e.g. Paper jam on a printer).

Such problems cannot be dealt with under Remote Support, but will still attract a discount on our normal labour rate of 10% - applicable to pre-paid annual RSS customers only.

The charges listed are for remote technical assistance (support) only and do not include call-out, on-site attendance or replacement hardware/software.